Split AC Vs Window AC: Which One Should I Buy?

For those who are planning to buy a new AC and looking for the detailed information on which AC is right for them, here is a useful explanation. Split and window AC commonly make people confuse to choose the right one. However, they both are beneficial depending on the needs of users.
So, here are described some essential things that can help you determine which AC type is best for you.

How To Choose The Right AC For Your Home?

  • Look Inside Your Home Space
    Technically, the split AC needs more space as compared to window AC. So depending on the area of your home, you can choose the right one.
  • Ease-To-Install
    The split air conditioner needs 3” holes to connect IDU to ODU for passing through needed piping, and these holes get hidden behind IDU. On the other hand, window AC requires a bigger opening to fit the whole AC into it for supporting purpose.
  • Electricity Consumption
    It is found that split air conditioner cools down your room faster because of its throwing components that spread out at longer span and its air throwing speed is also higher. On the other hand, the window AC has a small window for throwing air.

Still, if you have any query for buying right AC, we are here for you. At TOP AC Inc., we not only offer HVAC installation, repair and maintenance services but also assist our clients in buying suitable AC or other heating and cooling systems in Los Angeles. Call us to discuss your needs.