What Should I Consider When Buying AC For My Home?

Replacing the current AC or buying a new one that helps to maintain the ideal temperature in your home is a challenging task. You have so many options to choose from, but select the one that pays value to your investment.
Summer is at its scorching best and AC seems to be the only solution to tackle hot summer days. So, if you are planning to buy a new air conditioner, below are some parameters to keep in your mind.

Essential Parameters To Decide The Right Type Of AC

  1. Capacity

    A room that is smaller than 140 sq.ft will need a 1 ton AC to make the place quite cool while a space of 180sq.ft can be kept cool using a 1.5 ton AC. For more larger space, choose a 2 ton size AC.

  2. Energy Efficiency

    The air conditioners are designed with an energy efficiency rating that is also called EER. Any AC with more stars can consume less electricity as compared to the AC with a lower star rating.

  3. Split Vs Window

    The window air conditioner is budget-friendly, but they are not as aesthetically pleasing and smooth as split systems, and these are easier to install. On the contrary, the split ACs provide you with better air dispersion.

  4. Air Quality

    Your AC should have a right dehumidification unit which reduces the humidity levels in your place. Thus, you will be able to increase cooling and comfort.

  5. Installation & Maintenance

    Split ACs are more complicated to install while window ACs are easier. Some air conditioners require low maintenance while others may need high support. You need to discuss with the dealer about how often you have to clean your AC.

Apart from the parameters mentioned above, you can also look for budget-friendly. Still, if you have any question then feel free to discuss your requirements with our professionals at TOP AC Inc. From assisting you in buying the right air conditioner to its installation and repair, we provide best-in-class services.