Home Insulation

4 Things to Know Before Installing Home Insulation

Insulation is a significant element to invest in, especially if you are planning to regulate the temperature fluctuations in your interiors. To get the best out of your investment, it’s advised to hire a professional who has prior experience in installing insulation rather than opting for a DIY project. Though many homeowners believe that insulating is an easy job to do, they often end up making many mistakes that affect both performance and safety.

Here are few things to keep in mind before starting with a home insulation project:

  1. Choose the right insulation type
    With the ever advancing insulation technology, it has become quite difficult to find out which insulation type will work the best for you. The most common ones available are fiberglass, cellular and spray foam. Instead of choosing on your own, it’s better to take the assistance of a professional who can guide you by finding out which material will work the best for your attic or anywhere.
  2. Learn and follow safety precautions
    If you are planning an insulation project in the coming weeks, research about the precautions you need to follow to ensure you and your family’s safety. In case, you want to install fiberglass insulation, there is a need to wear protective eye gears and gloves as it contains recycled glass and metal particles.
  3. Stay alert for insulation fire hazards
    An improperly done insulation may result in an increased risk of fire hazards. The potential concerns that can cause fire mishaps are laying insulation quite close to a lighting fixture or water heater or electric wire present in the attic.
  4. Cover all the gaps and spaces
    Since insulation is done to maintain an ideal temperature in the interiors, make sure you don’t leave even a tiny gap that allows the air or moisture to seep inside. Try covering almost every space you find uncovered to enhance the insulation performance and ability.

So, these were some things to keep in mind before coming up with a home insulation project. If you are planning to install an HVAC unit or ducts in your home or office, rely on our technicians at Top AC Inc.