What To Do To Protect Your HVAC System From Bad Weather

Undoubtedly, AC is a system that can withstand harsh weather conditions, but you should follow the instructions of the professionals to protect it from various elements. If your HVAC system remains in standing water for a long time, its electrical components & moving parts can get damaged.

Several people often complain about the performance of their AC after bad weather. If you are among them, here are few tips to avoid the damage.

Tips To Prevent Weather Conditions

  • Install a high-quality surge protector where your appliances are plugged into a standard wall outlet. For this, it is advisable to get professionals assistance rather than installing the surge protector on your own.
  • Confirm your outside HVAC system is installed on the concrete pad and secured to prevent your system from being tossed in the high winds. In case your area is prone to hurricane, then utilize the hurricane straps to protect your AC.
  • During the bad weather, turn off your system and cover the outdoor system using a tarp. When you want your system turn on, remove the tarp and clean debris before turning it on.
  • Once the bad weather has passed away, make sure the system is safe before starting it back. Make sure there is no sign of damage. Safely clean your system and proceed to get it on.

In case you find any damage with your system, or it is not turning on, immediately call us at TOP AC Inc. We are the leading HVAC services in Los Angeles specialize in providing same day and 24/7 emergency HVAC repair.