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Things to do in Inglewood CA

Are you planning a visit to Inglewood, CA? Located in south-central Los Angeles, Inglewood is a vibrant city with a wide range of attractions and activities to explore. Whether you’re a sports fan, a foodie, or a nature enthusiast, Inglewood has something for everyone to enjoy.

With its convenient location near major landmarks and easy access to highways and public transportation, Inglewood is the perfect base for exploring the greater Los Angeles area. From world-famous donut shops to live entertainment venues, there are plenty of unique experiences waiting for you in Inglewood.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the world-famous Randy’s Donuts, known for its giant donut on the rooftop.
  • Experience live entertainment at The Forum, a premier venue for concerts and sporting events.
  • Explore the interactive exhibits at the California Science Center for a fun and educational day.
  • Indulge in specialty coffee and delicious food at Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities and beautiful scenery at Exposition Park.

The Forum: Inglewood’s Premier Live Entertainment Venue

Located on West Manchester Boulevard in Inglewood, The Forum is a renowned live entertainment venue known for its energetic ambiance and world-class performances. With a seating capacity of nearly 20,000, this iconic arena has hosted a multitude of concerts and events, solidifying its status as one of the top live entertainment venues in Inglewood.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast or a sports fan, The Forum has something to offer everyone. Its diverse lineup of events includes concerts featuring some of the biggest names in the industry, thrilling sporting events, and other engaging performances. From legendary musicians to rising stars, you can catch your favorite artists and enjoy their unforgettable performances in this state-of-the-art facility.

The Forum’s commitment to delivering exceptional live experiences extends beyond its impressive stage. The venue offers excellent acoustics, ensuring that each performance is delivered with the utmost clarity and precision. The comfortable seating and spacious layout guarantee a fantastic view from any section, allowing you to immerse yourself in the excitement and energy of the event.

As one of the most popular live entertainment venues in Inglewood, The Forum attracts audiences from near and far. Its central location, conveniently accessible via highways and public transportation, makes it a sought-after destination for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re a resident or visiting Inglewood, experiencing a memorable event at The Forum is an opportunity not to be missed.

So whether you’re a music enthusiast, a sports fan, or simply someone seeking an unforgettable entertainment experience, make sure to check out The Forum’s upcoming events. With its rich history, captivating atmosphere, and impressive lineup of performers, The Forum continues to be a hub for live entertainment in Inglewood.

The Forum Inglewood

Randy’s Donuts

Randy’s Donuts is a must-visit destination in Inglewood. This world-famous donut shop, located on West Manchester Boulevard, is known for its signature giant fiberglass donut on the rooftop. Featured in movies and music videos, Randy’s Donuts offers freshly-made donuts using a secret recipe that has delighted customers for years.

When you step inside Randy’s Donuts, you’ll be greeted by the inviting aroma of fresh donuts being baked to perfection. From classic glazed donuts to creative and unique flavors, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. Bite into their fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth creations and experience pure indulgence.

What sets Randy’s Donuts apart from other donut shops is its iconic landmark status. The giant donut on the rooftop is not only a symbol of the shop but also an instant Instagram-worthy photo opportunity. Don’t miss the chance to capture a memorable moment in front of this larger-than-life donut.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist exploring Inglewood, a visit to Randy’s Donuts is a must. Treat yourself to a delectable donut and experience the magic that has made this shop famous around the world.

Randy's Donuts Inglewood

California Science Center

The California Science Center, located on Exposition Park Drive in Los Angeles, is a must-visit destination for families and science enthusiasts. As a short drive from Inglewood, this world-class institution offers a range of interactive exhibits, making it one of the top family-friendly attractions in the area.

With its sprawling 500,000 square feet of space, the California Science Center presents a diverse array of exhibits that engage visitors of all ages. From exploring the wonders of art, culture, and nature to delving into the depths of space, engineering, and technology, there is something for everyone to discover and learn about.

One of the highlights of the California Science Center is its emphasis on hands-on experiences. Visitors can engage with interactive displays, conduct experiments, and participate in various activities that promote learning and curiosity. Whether you’re exploring a simulated space mission, touching sea creatures in the touch tanks, or witnessing the magic of chemical reactions, the center offers a truly immersive educational experience.

Moreover, the California Science Center regularly hosts temporary exhibitions that showcase captivating topics and themes, providing visitors with fresh and exciting content to explore during their visit. These special exhibitions cover a wide range of subjects, including groundbreaking scientific discoveries, historical artifacts, and innovative technologies.

California Science Center Inglewood

Plan Your Visit

When planning your trip to the California Science Center, it’s advisable to check the center’s website for the most up-to-date information regarding hours of operation, ticketing, and any COVID-19 related guidelines or restrictions. Additionally, parking is available at the center for a fee, and public transportation options are also conveniently accessible.

Be sure to allocate enough time to fully explore the center’s exhibits and take advantage of the interactive experiences. From educational films in the IMAX theater to captivating demonstrations and live shows, there’s always something happening at the California Science Center.

Overall, the California Science Center in Los Angeles offers an enriching and fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages. From its family-friendly attractions to its interactive exhibits, it shines as a remarkable destination for learning, discovery, and entertainment.

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen

Inglewood is home to some of the best specialty coffee shops in the area, and one that stands out is Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen. Located on La Brea Avenue, this trendy coffee spot is a must-visit for coffee aficionados looking for a unique and exceptional experience.

At Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen, the focus is on serving world-class coffee. From carefully sourced beans to expertly crafted brews, every cup delivers a rich and flavorful experience that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseur. Whether you prefer a perfectly brewed espresso, a velvety latte, or a refreshing cold brew, Hilltop has you covered.

But this specialty coffee shop goes beyond just coffee. Their menu also offers a delightful variety of food options, including freshly-baked goods that pair perfectly with your favorite cup of joe. Indulge in their delectable pastries, muffins, and cookies made with love and attention to detail.

If you’re in the mood for something savory, Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen offers gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches that are sure to delight your taste buds. Each sandwich is made with an artisanal touch, combining high-quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations. Vegetarian options are also available for those seeking a meat-free dining experience.

One of the standout features of Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen is its trendy and inviting atmosphere. The interior is beautifully designed, with cozy seating areas where you can relax and enjoy your coffee. The warm and welcoming ambiance makes it a great place to meet friends, catch up on work, or simply unwind with a good book.

Whether you’re a coffee lover or just looking for a unique dining experience in Inglewood, Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen is the perfect destination. Stop by and discover why it’s considered one of the top specialty coffee shops in the area.

Hilltop Coffee Inglewood

For the love of coffee and great food

Loyola Marymount University

Loyola Marymount University, located just west of downtown Inglewood, is a hidden gem renowned for its stunning campus. Situated on picturesque bluffs, this university offers breathtaking views of the city, creating a serene atmosphere for both students and visitors.

If you’re looking to experience the beauty of Loyola Marymount University for yourself, take a leisurely stroll through the campus grounds. Admire the meticulously maintained gardens and charming architecture that truly make this campus a sight to behold.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Loyola Marymount University also hosts a variety of exciting sports events that you can attend. Whether you’re a basketball enthusiast or a volleyball fan, the university’s athletic facilities provide the perfect setting for thrilling matchups and engaging competitions.

Upcoming Events and Activities

To stay updated on the latest sports events, as well as other activities happening at Loyola Marymount University, be sure to check their official website regularly. You won’t want to miss out on the chance to witness the athletic prowess and vibrant campus life that this esteemed institution has to offer.

Loyola Marymount University Inglewood Image

Hawthorne Aquatic Center

Beat the Southern California heat at the Hawthorne Aquatic Center in Inglewood. With its family-friendly swimming pools and a variety of water activities, it offers an affordable and enjoyable way to cool off during the hot summer days.

The Hawthorne Aquatic Center provides a safe and fun environment for families. It features changing rooms and bathrooms for convenience, ensuring a comfortable experience for visitors of all ages. The center also has designated areas for different age groups, allowing everyone to enjoy the water at their own pace.

Whether you’re looking to swim laps, splash around, or simply relax by the poolside, the Hawthorne Aquatic Center is the perfect destination. It offers a welcoming atmosphere and quality facilities that cater to the needs of families and individuals seeking aquatic fun.

Plan a visit to the Hawthorne Aquatic Center in Inglewood and experience the joy of cooling off in its family-friendly swimming pools and engaging in water activities. It’s a fantastic way to create lasting memories with your loved ones while staying refreshed in the Southern California sun.

Hawthorne Aquatic Center Inglewood

Exposition Park

Located just northeast of Inglewood, Exposition Park is a sprawling recreational area that offers a wide range of outdoor activities and showcases the natural beauty of the area. Whether you’re looking to relax, explore, or have some fun, Exposition Park has something for everyone.

One of the highlights of Exposition Park is the stunning rose garden. With its vibrant colors and fragrant blossoms, it’s the perfect spot for a peaceful picnic or capturing beautiful photos. Take a leisurely stroll through the garden and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

If you’re a sports fan, make sure to visit the iconic LA Memorial Coliseum in Exposition Park. This historic stadium has hosted numerous memorable events, including the Olympics and Super Bowl games. Catch a game or simply admire the architecture that has stood the test of time.

For those interested in history and science, the Natural History Museum in Exposition Park is a must-visit. Explore fascinating exhibits that showcase the wonders of the natural world. From dinosaur fossils to interactive displays, there’s plenty to see and learn for visitors of all ages.

And don’t forget to check out the regular farmers market at Exposition Park. Discover local produce and goods from farmers and artisans in the area. It’s a great opportunity to support local businesses and indulge in fresh, seasonal treats.

With its diverse range of attractions and activities, Exposition Park is a testament to the beauty and vibrancy of Inglewood. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures or simply want to immerse yourself in nature, a visit to Exposition Park is an experience you won’t forget.

Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen

Indulge in the rich flavors of traditional home cooking at Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen in Inglewood. For over 40 years, this beloved eatery on East Manchester Boulevard has been delighting locals and visitors alike with its authentic soul food. Step into the casual cafeteria-style setting and prepare to be transported to a world of soulful flavors and warm hospitality.

At Dulan’s, every dish is crafted with care using quality ingredients and time-honored recipes. From soul-warming classics like fried chicken, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese to mouthwatering specialties like smothered pork chops and sweet potato pie, the menu offers a wide range of choices to satisfy your cravings.

The portions at Dulan’s are generous, ensuring you leave with a satisfied appetite. The friendly and attentive staff are always ready to offer suggestions or answer any questions you may have, making your dining experience even more enjoyable.

Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen: Where Soul Meets Flavor

No visit to Inglewood is complete without indulging in the soul food goodness of Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen. The restaurant’s dedication to preserving the essence of traditional home cooking has made it a staple in the community. Whether you’re a local looking for a nostalgic bite or a traveler seeking an authentic culinary experience, Dulan’s is the place to be.

So, if you’re craving soul food that warms your heart, head over to Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen in Inglewood. Your taste buds will thank you.

Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen Inglewood

Westchester Golf Course: The Perfect Leisure Activity in Inglewood

If you’re a golf enthusiast looking for a leisure activity in Inglewood, you won’t want to miss Westchester Golf Course. Conveniently located just west of Inglewood, this well-maintained course offers a shorter layout, making it perfect for a round of golf without spending hours on the greens.

Westchester Golf Course provides a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a game of golf surrounded by beautifully manicured fairways. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, this course offers an enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels.

With its convenient location and stunning views, Westchester Golf Course is one of the top golf courses in Inglewood. So grab your clubs, head over to Westchester Golf Course, and spend a memorable day experiencing the joy of golf in this beautiful setting.

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