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Things to do in Whittier CA

Whittier, California, is a hidden gem located in Los Angeles County. With its small-town atmosphere and proximity to the city of Los Angeles, Whittier offers a range of attractions for you to enjoy. Whether you’re a history buff, outdoor enthusiast, art lover, or foodie, there’s something for everyone in Whittier.

From historic landmarks and museums that tell the story of Whittier’s past, to beautiful parks and outdoor trails that offer breathtaking views, this city has numerous points of interest to explore. Whittier also boasts a vibrant arts scene, with art galleries showcasing the work of local artists and performing arts centers hosting live performances.

When it comes to shopping and dining, Whittier won’t disappoint. The Farmer’s Market offers fresh produce and unique gifts, while Whittier Village is home to specialty boutiques and local eateries. And if you’re looking for a place of peace and reflection, Rose Hills Memorial Park provides a serene setting to pay homage to loved ones.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, there’s always something new to discover in Whittier. So pack your bags and get ready to explore all the exciting attractions this charming city has to offer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Whittier, California, offers a variety of attractions for visitors to explore.
  • The city has a rich history, with museums and historical parks showcasing its past.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, biking, and scenic trails in Whittier.
  • Art galleries and performing arts centers cater to art and culture lovers.
  • Shopping and dining options abound, with unique boutiques and local eateries.

Learn About Whittier’s History

To truly understand Whittier, it’s important to explore its history. The Whittier Museum is a great place to start, offering exhibits that showcase the city’s past.

The museum features a diverse collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents that provide insight into Whittier’s rich history. From the early days of Spanish settlement to the development of the city’s industries, the exhibits offer a comprehensive look into the significant events and influential individuals that shaped Whittier’s growth.

Whittier Museum

Another must-visit destination for history enthusiasts is the Pio Pico State Historical Park. This park is home to the restored adobe mansion of Pio de Jesus Pico, the last governor of California under Mexican rule.

The historic site provides a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience the life of a prominent figure in Whittier’s history. Take a guided tour of the adobe mansion and explore the grounds to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural significance and contributions made by Pio Pico.

By visiting these attractions, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for Whittier’s heritage and the people who played a vital role in shaping its identity. From the Whittier Museum’s exhibits to the Pio Pico State Historical Park’s adobe mansion, there’s no better way to immerse yourself in the captivating history of Whittier.

Explore the Outdoors in Whittier

Whittier, California is not just known for its rich history and cultural attractions, but also for its abundant outdoor activities. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply looking for some fresh air, Whittier has plenty to offer.

Hellman Park: Hiking with Breathtaking Views

If you’re an avid hiker or simply enjoy being surrounded by nature, Hellman Park is a must-visit destination. Situated in the picturesque hills of Whittier, Hellman Park offers a variety of trails for all skill levels. Strap on your hiking boots and explore the scenic paths that lead to stunning views of the city and its surrounding areas.

Whittier Greenway Trail: A Leisurely Stroll or Bike Ride

For a more leisurely outdoor experience, head to the Whittier Greenway Trail. This paved trail stretches over four miles and is perfect for a peaceful stroll or bike ride. As you make your way along the trail, you’ll be treated to beautiful landscapes, charming neighborhoods, and even public art installations. It’s the ideal spot to soak up the beauty of Whittier’s natural surroundings while enjoying some physical activity.

No matter which outdoor activity you choose, Whittier provides an inviting environment for individuals and families alike to embrace the great outdoors. So, put on your walking shoes or lace up your hiking boots and venture out to explore the stunning natural beauty that Whittier has to offer.

Experience Art and Culture in Whittier

Whittier is a vibrant hub for art and culture, offering a range of venues and experiences that showcase the creative spirit of the city. Immerse yourself in Whittier’s rich artistic scene by exploring the Whittier Art Gallery and Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts.

Whittier Art Gallery

The Whittier Art Gallery is a must-visit for art enthusiasts. Showcasing the work of local artists, this gallery offers a unique shopping experience where you can discover and purchase one-of-a-kind creations. From paintings and sculptures to ceramics and jewelry, the Whittier Art Gallery celebrates the diverse talents of the community.

Whittier Art Gallery

Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts

For live performances that will captivate and inspire you, the Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts is the place to be. This state-of-the-art facility hosts a variety of shows, including concerts, theater productions, and dance performances. Whether you’re a fan of classical music or contemporary dance, there’s something for every artistic taste at the Shannon Center.

By supporting these local arts venues, you contribute to the growth and sustainability of Whittier’s creative community. Immerse yourself in the art and culture of Whittier and discover the talent that thrives within this vibrant city.

Shop and Dine in Whittier

Whittier offers a range of shopping and dining options for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re searching for unique gifts or delicious cuisine, Whittier has something to offer.

One must-visit destination is the Farmer’s Market, where you can find an abundance of fresh produce and a variety of unique items. From locally grown fruits and vegetables to handmade crafts, the Farmer’s Market offers a delightful shopping experience.

For those looking for a charming shopping district, Whittier Village is the perfect place to explore. Here, you’ll find specialty boutiques with a wide selection of clothing, accessories, and home goods. After a day of shopping, indulge in a meal at one of the many local eateries, offering diverse cuisines to satisfy any palate.

As you wander the streets of Whittier, you’ll discover a myriad of unique shops and delectable dining options. From one-of-a-kind finds to mouthwatering dishes, Whittier’s shopping and dining scene is sure to delight.

Farmer's market in Whittier CA

Discover Unique Shops and Delightful Dining Experiences

Whittier is known for its Farmer’s Market and Whittier Village, where you can explore a variety of specialty boutiques and local eateries. Whether you’re on the hunt for artisanal goods or looking to savor the flavors of Whittier, the shopping and dining options in this charming city are sure to impress.

Pay Tribute at Rose Hills Memorial Park

Rose Hills Memorial Park, located in Whittier, CA, is a tranquil destination for paying tribute to loved ones. As the largest memorial park in North America, it offers a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

Whether you are visiting a loved one’s resting place or simply seeking a place of reflection, Rose Hills Memorial Park provides a serene environment for contemplation. The park features meticulously maintained gardens, elegant mausoleums, and a stunning chapel, all designed to offer solace and tranquility.

Take a moment to walk through the picturesque gardens, immersing yourself in the beauty of nature while honoring the memories of those who have passed. The park’s lush green spaces and vibrant flowers create a soothing ambiance that invites quiet contemplation and remembrance.

As you explore Rose Hills Memorial Park, you’ll find a sense of peace and serenity that can provide comfort during difficult times. The park’s peaceful setting is conducive to reflection and allows visitors to find solace and healing.

Whether you are a local resident or a tourist looking for meaningful places to visit in Whittier, CA, Rose Hills Memorial Park is an important destination. Its significance as a beautiful memorial park makes it a beloved landmark in the community.

For anyone seeking a place to pay tribute, find solace, or simply enjoy the tranquility of nature, Rose Hills Memorial Park is a must-visit attraction in Whittier, CA.

Rose Hills Memorial Park

Discover Hidden Gems in Whittier

Whittier is not only known for its popular attractions but also its hidden gems waiting to be discovered. If you’re looking for unique finds and one-of-a-kind experiences, these hidden gems are a must-visit during your time in Whittier.

King Richard’s Antique Vintage Center

One hidden gem that stands out is King Richard’s Antique Vintage Center. As the largest antique center in California, it’s a treasure trove for vintage enthusiasts. Explore the vast collection of antiques, from furniture and home décor to clothing and accessories. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just love the charm of vintage items, King Richard’s Antique Vintage Center is a must-see destination in Whittier.

Hidden gems in Whittier CA

Historic Bailey House

Another hidden gem worth exploring is the Historic Bailey House. This beautifully preserved house showcases the history and early settlers of Whittier. Step back in time as you wander through its rooms filled with artifacts, photographs, and stories. The Historic Bailey House provides a fascinating glimpse into the city’s rich heritage and is a must-visit for history buffs and those interested in local culture.

Uptown Flea Market

If you’re in search of unique and handcrafted items, the Uptown Flea Market is the place to be. This weekly market features a wide array of vendors selling everything from homemade crafts and artwork to vintage clothing and collectibles. You never know what treasures you’ll uncover at the Uptown Flea Market. Take your time to browse through the stalls, interact with the local artisans, and find that special something to take home as a memento of your visit to Whittier.

These hidden gems add to the charm and character of Whittier, showcasing the city’s diverse offerings beyond its well-known attractions. Take the time to explore these unique destinations and discover the lesser-known side of Whittier, immersing yourself in its rich history and vibrant culture.

Enjoy Family-Friendly Activities in Whittier

Whittier offers a wide range of family-friendly activities that are sure to keep everyone entertained. Whether you’re visiting with young children or teenagers, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Parnell Storybook Zoo

One of the top attractions for families in Whittier is the Parnell Storybook Zoo. This small and charming zoo is perfect for kids to get up close and personal with various animals. From lions and tigers to exotic birds and playful monkeys, children will have a blast exploring the zoo’s exhibits and learning about different species.

Family-friendly activities in Whittier CA

Whittier Museum

The Whittier Museum is another great destination for family-friendly activities. It offers engaging exhibits that showcase the history and culture of the city. Kids can learn about Whittier’s past through interactive displays and educational events. The museum also hosts workshops and programs specifically designed for children, making it an enjoyable and educational experience for the whole family.

Whether you’re exploring the Parnell Storybook Zoo or delving into the history at the Whittier Museum, these family-friendly attractions are sure to provide fun and entertainment for everyone. Spend quality time together in Whittier and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Attend Festivals and Events in Whittier

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Whittier by attending the exciting festivals and events that take place throughout the year. Whittier is known for its lively community and rich traditions, and these festivals are a perfect way to experience the local spirit.

Cherry Blossom Festival

One of the most anticipated events in Whittier is the Cherry Blossom Festival. This annual celebration showcases the beauty of the blooming cherry blossom trees and is a feast for the eyes. With live performances, traditional food vendors, and cultural displays, the Cherry Blossom Festival offers a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Cherry Blossom Festival in Whittier CA

Water Lantern Festival

Another enchanting event in Whittier is the Water Lantern Festival. This breathtaking experience allows you to release lanterns into the water, creating a mesmerizing display of floating lights. It’s a serene and magical moment that brings people together to enjoy the beauty of the night.

Whittier Walnut Tree Festival

If you’re a fan of nature and agriculture, the Whittier Walnut Tree Festival is a must-visit. This festival celebrates the city’s rich agricultural history and the importance of walnut trees in the region. Enjoy live music, artisanal crafts, and delicious walnut-inspired treats at this unique event.

Plan your visit to Whittier around these festivals and events to immerse yourself in the local culture, enjoy traditional performances, and create lasting memories.

Explore Nearby Attractions

While Whittier, California, has plenty to offer, it is also conveniently located near other popular attractions that are worth exploring during your visit. Just a short drive away, you’ll find Knott’s Berry Farm, a renowned theme park that is perfect for a day of family fun. With thrilling rides and captivating shows, Knott’s Berry Farm guarantees an exciting adventure for visitors of all ages.

If shopping and dining are more your style, look no further than the Brea Mall. This premier shopping destination offers a wide range of stores, from high-end brands to local boutiques. After a day of retail therapy, indulge in a delicious meal at one of the mall’s many restaurants, catering to a variety of culinary preferences.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a day trip from Whittier and explore these nearby attractions. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping rides or a shopping spree, Knott’s Berry Farm and the Brea Mall are sure to deliver an unforgettable experience. Plan your itinerary accordingly and make the most of your visit to Whittier, California.